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New Patient Form

For your convenience, you can fill in and print the following forms and bring the forms to your first office visit to expedite the new patient registration process.

New Patient Registration Form
We also have the oral health assessment form for kindergarten students which requires students to have an oral health assessment by May 31 of the first year of school. (AB 1433)

Patient Reviews of Kifer Park Dental

Patient Review 1

Dr.Lin is very gentle and careful about patient's comfort. He treats me well every time and is consistent with his services. I love his staff who are friendly and helpful. The office is clean and Dr. Lin makes sure the working area is neat too. I had visited another practice earlier and was disgusted with the service. The dentist there would simply dump gauze pieces, blood soaked cotton balls and even instruments on my bib which would eventually be dropped on my clothes while the assistant took it off. It never happens when Dr. Lin is treating me. He also makes sure that I leave his office the same way I came in. With his services I dont feel the need to take a shower or change my clothes after I get home. The front desk and billing is good and they explain the charges in a simple manner so I have no doubt regarding it. I love my dentist.
Patient Review 2:

The two things I love most about my experiences with Dr. Lin is that he actually cares how the patient is feeling, and is careful not to inflict any pain or discomfort, and he also takes the time to explain treatments without being pushy at all about getting you to commit to spending thousands of dollars on the spot. His staff is also great - every time I ask to see if a treatment is covered by my insurance, they are very helpful about doing the work to find out and letting me know the exact breakdown before procedures are performed. I have gone to other dentists/doctors before whose staff would give me a vague answer and then direct me to call my insurance myself to find out, so it was really refreshing to encounter helpful staff! I would definitely recommend Dr. Lin to anyone in the South Bay area!
Patient Review 3:

Dr. Lin and his entire staff were all wonderful. From scheduling the appointment to the actual treatment, the entire process couldn't have been any better.
Patient Review 4:

My experience with Dr. Lin and his staff is extremely positive. Dr. Lin is pleasant and sensitive to his patient's needs and comfort. He took the time to review and explain his findings on my electronic xray and highlighted potential problem areas that he would keep an eye on going forward. In no way did I feel like he was recommending unnecessary work. I always felt as though he had my best interest at heart.

He handled all of the necessary insurance matters and clearly advised me of my options.

I would highly recommend him to anyone considering dental services.

Patient Review 5:

I went to see Dr. Lin for a regular cleaning/checkup, and I was very impressed with the quality of service I received. Since that first visit I have returned for the Zoom 1-hour whitening and also a crown replacement on my front tooth. The results exceeded my expectations, and now I'm happy with a natural-looking smile again. The fit and shape of the crown are excellent, and the procedure overall was very painless. Dr. Lin takes the time to explain the procedures and somehow never inflicts any pain, even when giving shots. The staff are very friendly as well, and it's always a pleasure to visit. He also has cool magazines to read in the lobby.
Patient Review 6:

Dr. Lin did a very good job on my dental bridge and he explained things well before treatment. I'm also very pleased about the way he discussed the dental treatment plan on my first visit. The recommended treatment and the costs were clearly itemized and easy to understand. Highly recommended for other patients.
Patient Review 7:

i had a bike accident years ago and chipped my front tooth. from my past experience with previous dentist it was a diffcult fill because there were not much surface area for the filling to hang on and would fall off in 1-2month. my brother introduced me to dr lin 4month ago and attempted another filling. it was a good experience. the staff was friendly. dr lin was very skillful and explained everything he did. his office has state of the art technologies (very nice computer system and x ray machine that takes the picture while you sit on your dental seat and it records digitally all x ray files to computer). the filling was done in 25min and had a very relaxing tooth cleaning. i was quite pleased with the filling as the color of filling matches perfectly with my natural teeth and it hanged on strong for 4month and couting. i would defintely recommend people to pay dr lin a visit for tooth problem
Patient Review 8:

I had no insurance and was already scheduled to get three cavities filled with another dentist. I was searching for a place that I could afford. I found Dr. Lin's information online. I got in with a free consultation and a price quote for the three cavities. It was sooo much more affordable, so I went ahead and got my dental work done with Dr. Lin. I loved the place, the staff and the gentleness on my teeth. My teeth are very sensitive because of my receding gumline, but Dr. Lin and the assistant did a great job making sure I was okay. If you're looking for a dentist, choose this one!
Patient Review 9:

I visited Dr. Lin for an emergency situation. Now he is my regular dentist. I was most impressed with his gentleness and thoroughness. He was very gentle with the novacaine injection and patient to explain the procedures. He also did the crown with a success. His new office is decorated with a soothing cream color and with the state of art equipments. The staffs are very friendly and knowledgable.
Patient Review 10:

Dr. Lin did a great job of explaining everything that needed to be done in detail. He takes his time and ensures that the procedure goes right. I had a root canal done and, to my surprise, found it to be a lot easier and pleasant than I expected.

Kifer Dental is a great facility that is extremely clean and has state of the art equipment. I would highly recommend Dr. Lin and his staff.