Dental Bonding

Most people believe a smile is an important social asset. Today, there are a variety of ways that we can transform problems such as stained, gapped, chipped, cracked or misaligned teeth, into the smile of your dreams. Dental bonding is one option that is an affordable and popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. In some cases, veneers and or Invisalign® treatment may be more appropriate to correct your smile.

Bonding, on the other hand, is well-suited for minor teeth repairs. The treatment is accomplished using a tooth-colored resin, which the dentist can shape to fill tiny chips or slightly reshape a tooth. The dentist will use a custom shade to ensure that the bonding is matched to your natural teeth. Once the dentist’s repair is complete, the resin polyermizes or hardens under a curing light which bonds the resin to the tooth.

Patients who undergo dental bonding at Kifer Park Dental appreciate that this procedure can be accomplished in a single visit. There are no molds, impressions, or temporary fillings / crowns. In most cases, there will not be any anesthetics required for us to complete your bonding treatment.